Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Superman/Batman : Apocalpyse

Superman/Batman : Apocalpyse is the latest DC animated movie.  It's based on writer Jeph Loeb and artist Michael Turner's The Supergirl from Krypton, a story that spanned Superman/Batman #8-13.  The story reintroduces Kara Zor-El to modern age DC continuity as Supergirl.  The previous incarnation had been some protoplasmic entity known as Matrix, and that's about as deep as I'm willing to dive into that character!

The movie itself is a near faithful retelling of the original comic and the art style is a clear homage to the late Michael Turner.  Some liberties were taken, notably the ending with Darkseid, to streamline the story for mainstream viewers.  I don't feel the changes hurt the final product and any issues with the dialogue or story may be from following the source material too closely.  The voice acting is superb which is to be expected by perennial Batman Tim Conroy, Superman Tim Daly, and Wonder Woman Susan Eisenberg.  Summer Glau capably voices Supergirl as does Andre Braugher for Darkseid, however I did find myself missing Michael Ironside in that role.  And let's not forget the hottest woman in the movie Granny Goodness voiced by Ed Asner!

There have been animated movies with better story, but the action in Apocalpyse is  where it truly shines.  A one panel fight scene between Precious, a highly touted warrior, and the Furies in the comic is expanded to almost a full minute of violence, showcasing the true skill of Darkseid's elite guard.  Artemis and the other Amazons get their time to shine as they face off with an army of Doomsdays.  And the highlight of the movie for me is the battle between Big Barda, Wonder Woman and the Furies.  That said, I did feel the conclusion's fight with Darkseid ran too long.  Overall, I would say Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is a worthy addition to the DC movie library and it is likely to please everyone save the harshest of critics.

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  1. Well, i definitely have to take a look at this animation! I'd love to see how wonder woman fights!