Friday, October 29, 2010

Power Girl: Snow Job

There are very few comic books that I look forward to reading each month, and Power Girl is one of them.  Even after Amanda Conner and Jim Palmiotti left, this title hasn't lost any steam with the new creative team.  The current story Snow Job, now two issues in, starts with Starr Enterprises bankrupt, victimized by an employee who has fled the country.  The employee then turns up dead and Power Girl finds herself trying to solve a murder mystery.  There's also a great deal of action with Kara matched up against a seemingly stronger foe, with a surprise reveal at the end leaving me eager for the third installment!

Writer Judd Winnick has the right feel for his characters and it shows in the humorous moments between Power Girl and new Batman Dick Grayson in Power Girl #17.  It's not all fun and games, however, and Winnick capably shifts gears when the story needs to advance or take a serious tone.  The other key to good storytelling is artist Sami Basri.  His Power Girl is drawn sexy and strong with lots of fun facial expressions to get your eyes above her chest!  He's had many opportunities to draw Kara in action, and he doesn't disappoint.  If you haven't been reading Power Girl, then now is a perfect time to start!

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